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Internet and Databases

Generally speaking, the developers at Mobile Age use the best-suited internet database and platform for the client’s specific needs. While MySQL might the best internet database for a private application used by employees within a company, it typically isn’t the best option for commercial projects since it is open source and not licensed for commercial use.

Our developers are familiar with the following internet databases and platforms


Flash was a popular web animation and online graphics solution in the earlier days of the internet. However, due to the increased load time and technical difficulties that often result from implementing Flash elements on a website, it is very SEO unfriendly and has fallen into disuse in recent years. Our developers have limited experience using Flash because it is largely a tool for graphic artists. If you need a web solution that makes use of animation or graphics, we’ll call in a graphic artist to help complete your project.

My sql

We’ve used MYSQL on a number of different projects and have extensive knowledge in implementing a MYSQL-driven website. However, this internet database is not suitable for web software that you intend to sell commercially because it is open-source.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is an incredibly powerful internet database system. It is our preferred online database system and is available in a completely free version known as MS SQL Express. The free version is limited to a 1GB database and 1GB of RAM but that is plenty to work with for most websites.


When we’re called upon to create a database-driven website, the Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) is our preferred platform. We often use this in conjunction with an MS SQL Server database. The reason we prefer ASP: it’s more productive. Our developers can finish more fully functional websites in ASP in a year than in any other database-driven website solution.


AJAX is all about making websites more interactive. It was originally developed to eliminate the long delay that users would experience when they would press a button. It makes extensive use of JavaScript and can make a website far more interactive and responsive. One problem associated with extensive use of AJAX: it increases the amount of time and effort required to finish a website, which translates into higher costs for the client.