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Applications Development

Every programmer that we employ at A-Plus Mobile has extensive experience in programming for both Windows and Mobile environments. The following platforms and compilers are used by our programming staff when developing Windows-based applications: breitling replica


XML is one of the simplest and most powerful solutions to the problem of business systems integration. By returning to a plain text file format, programmers and systems analysts can debug more quickly and efficiently.

Win32 API

In most cases, software and applications that run in Microsoft Windows environment are programmed in Nonetheless, there are instances where having an in-depth understanding of the Windows original set of routines is invaluable to engineering a fully functional application. Nearly of the programmers at Mobile Age have expertise in the Win32 API.


COM was created to allow developers to put together a program from multiple modules programmed in multiple different languages. When Mobile Age developers are working on a windows-based software solution, they often use COM to assemble the finished project. replica breitling watches

In time will likely include functionality very similar to COM.

Though our programmers largely develop mobile software and mobile websites on platforms suited for mobile devices, the need for an integration of Windows application development skills and mobile software development is increasing. Microsoft is planning to introduce more mobile devices that operate on the Windows platform. When this happens, the line between desktop applications and mobile applications will blur, paving the way for a new era in mobile functionality.

In the meantime, our programmers regularly engage themselves in intensive study and practice to keep their skills sharp until they’re needed. If your company needs a mobile software solution programmed in a language we haven’t mentioned here, give us a call to speak with one of our programmers. In most cases, the languages our programmers are experienced in are more than suitable.