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Programming Languages employed by MobileAge


Python is an object-oriented scripting language with a very clean syntax and significant advantages over similar languages such as Perl and VBScript. It has a very rich data model and is one of our preferred scripting languages.


C++ is one of the most versatile and powerful programming languages in existence. It is the programming language used to implement Microsoft Windows, along with most major applications. One of the biggest advantages to using C++ is cross-platform compatibility. Since most operating systems (both desktop and mobile) are coded in C++, creating a fully functional multi-platform mobile app requires fewer man hours and is less complicated when coded in C++. C++ is a preferred programming language here at A-Plus Mobile.

Java Though Java was originally developed with the purpose of providing “run anywhere” functionality, it has largely failed to fulfill its mission. This programming language, developed by Sun Microsystems, predates .NET and C# and is mostly used on servers to run very large websites and to deliver programs to mobile phones. While our programmers have experience in this programming language, we rarely use it to produce software for our clients.


In most instances, .NET is the language that your custom mobile application will be developed in. Because of its versatility and the language’s inherent ability to increase productivity, it has become our most preferred programming platform.

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